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Wednesday 10 - 3
Saturday 8 - 2
Sunday 10 - 3
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What’s New

April 18, 2014

After a long digital absence from this site, we are back (and sorry)! Please stay tuned for regular updates.

This week we have four varieties of potatoes (Fingerlings, Caribes, Purple-fleshed Peruvians and Red), carrots, pea shoots and migrogreen salad mixes, live onion and garlic plants and even cat grass. Come down to the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market and stock up on some healthy, local, and chemical-free grub.

Also, Saskatoon’s own Chef Jenni will be sampling a dish made with our fingerling potatoes this Saturday at the market. Make sure to come by and sample some.

We hope to see you there.

August 21, 2013

This week we introduce our rainbow carrots. We’ve still got our delicious harvest of of fingerling and bintje potatoes, sunflower, dried and green onions, pea and salad greens, cilantro, dill & more! Don’t forget that you can get 10% off on all of this at the market if you subscribe to our newsletter above.

June 16, 2013

We’re putting our backs into weed control this week, given the rains we had! Produce that will be seen at market this week at our stand will include: scallion, rhubarb, dill, cilantro, micro greens, pea greens, salad mix, parsley, sunflower greens, and green garlic.

May 28, 2013

The first week of lots of garden fresh produce is upon us! Come on down and treat yourself to fresh spinach, rhubarb, scallion, sunflower greens, potatoes, pea greens. Sign up for our electronic mailing list above and get a 10% discount on our produce at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market all summer!

May is seeing the production of pea greens galore, and lots of live plants! Live plants include mint, catnip, sunchokes, basil, rhubarb, and other live plants coming on-stream. Green onion will be coming on stream late May. Come down and check out the beautiful quality of our labours!

Where to find us

We’re inside of the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market, all three market days of the week (Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday):


About Wally’s Urban Market Garden

20 years ago, we (Wally and Gail) began farming on an acre-sized plot outside of Saskatoon, adjacent to the South Saskatchewan river, 40 miles north of Saskatoon. After six years farming our rural site, we realized there was a better living to be made growing multiple crops intensively in the city. We sold our farm and became urban growers. While some have been skeptical that growing three crops a year in Saskatoon is too labour-intensive, this is much less work than mechanized, large-scale farming. We used to have a tractor to hill potatoes and cultivate, but we find it’s more efficient to do things by hand. Other than a rototiller, all we need is a push-type seeder and a few hand tools.

City growing also provides a more controlled environment, with fewer pests, better wind protection and a longer growing season. We are producing 10-15 different crops. Our volumes are low compared to conventional farming, but we sell high-quality organic products at sustainable profit margins.

About Spin Farming

Spin FarmingThe SPIN method is our rigorously developed small-scale agricultural production system, based on our continued success in downsizing and growing on sub-acre plots. It emphasizes minimal mechanization and maximum fiscal discipline and planning. Click here to learn more about SPIN Farming.